chelsea g summers

chelsea g summers

I make with the word junk

I'm a former academic and stripper; thus I write smart things about sex.

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Chelsea G. Summers - Adult Mag

Chelsea G. Summers - Adult Mag

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Summers' Time - Adult Mag

The rest of my desire lay in desire, in wanting to see a body my age in an abject sexy photo. More ......

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In Praise of Younger Men - Adult Mag

You're only as young as the person you are fucking....

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Being That Woman - Adult Mag

To be “that woman” is to be the cunty catalyst for breakup, the vagina wedge that divides a lawfully married couple, the deliquescent bitch for whom your husband leaves you. More ......

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Bad Sex - Adult Mag

No more boring sex. No more lame sex. No more disconnected sex. No more close enough to perv for government work. No more obligatory fucking that brings shards of pleasure. Nevermore. More ......

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The $200 Question - Adult Mag

You can’t uncouple money from kink. More ......